Friday, August 14, 2009

And to think this all started because of a bag of potato chips

"The 365", the beginning...

So what started? How did it all start? What the heck does a bag of Potato chips have to do with it?

In order to explain this we must go back to the beginning. It wasn't until late spring of '09 that "The 365" actually started to take shape. It's origins however started way back in December of 2007 while on a family trip to Costa Rica. Let me explain.

In 2007 on a family holiday adventure to Tamarindo, Costa Rica my family (my 2 boys and my 2 nieces and my wife) and I were sitting around the New Years dinner table when the idea of resolutions came up. I have never been a New Year's resolutions guy but the girls and my sons immersed themselves into a conversation on the finer points of making, keeping and breaking resolutions. When the dust cleared what was left on the discussion table was a resolution that all 4 kids were going to commit to. Each teen would abstain from Potato Chips for an entire year. If they did that they would each earn $50 from me. If anyone failed then their money would be distributed fairly to the others whom were still keeping the resolution. So for the entire 2008 year none of the teenagers in my life would be eating potato chips. This was especially fun for me since I love chips and at every possible chance I would test my boys resolve with the "Smelling of the new bag test".
OK, so what does this all mean to "The 365" you might be asking? Well hold your horses and let me tell you.

I am a firm believer of "what goes around, comes around" as well as "Karma" so once New Years of 2008 came around I found myself sitting at a dinner table once again with my family with my wife and I passing out $50 bills to our sons while congratulating them on their resolution and successful completion of a year without potato chips. Well done Boys!

It was at this time that my wife pulled out her paper and pens and gave each of us a set whilst saying "time for this years resolutions" boys. The boys and I grumbled but eventually each of us put the pen to paper and started coming up with our thoughts for the coming year. I have struggled with the whole "Resolutions" piece as I just don't live that way. The thought of making a resolution seemed ridiculous to me. I have always been the type of person to do what I want, when I want and how I want and take the good, bad and ugly with my decisions. This idea of making a resolution and then having to stick with it for apre -determined length of time really wasn't sitting well with me. It was at this point however that I made the decision to write something on the paper and to write things that meant something to me. I didn't realize it then but I wrote down things that I really wanted to change in my life. They weren't unachievable, they were just things that were sort of bugging me in the way I was currently living my life. I scribbled madly trying to get them all down on paper before my wife yelled

When it was time to share our lists with each other I went last. I listened to what my family had to say about their resolutions for the 2009th year and smiled and nodded but thinking back now my mind really was in another place. I didn't realise it yet, but I had just started a process that was about to change my life and impact the lives of millions of people.

It was now my time to read my list and I wimped out and just said " Since you guys did it, I'll do it, I won't each chips for a year either". My sons both laughed at me and in perfect stereo sound said "That's too easy for you Dad" - darn these kids and their knowing me to well.

It was at this time that I turned over my list and without even seeming to speak, these words flowed out of my mouth.. "OK.. well then, I won't eat any junk food for a year, I won't drink any alcohol for a year, I won't eat past 8:30pm for a year and I will exercise at least 5 times a week for a year". WHOOPS.... It just came out and for those of you who know me my wife you can guess what happened next. Kathy said "DONE, your committed, and the boys and I are witnesses; Great job honey it should be a great year". I didn't know it then but "The 365" had just been born.

Stay tuned for how it evolved into what is now "The 365" program and a bit more about my background.

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