Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tech Support - Help to start you in "The 365" communities

Tech Support. I use it almost once a week whether it be calling shaw cable to find out why my Internet is not working to connecting with Apple about a Mac issue or problem. I have a pretty good level of comfort when it comes to all things Internet related. I still feel completely in the dark when it comes to web design, blogging, editing, photo shopping etc etc but at least I know how to restart a router and configure an IP address when I get myself in trouble.

I have heard from a couple people who are setting up their own "The 365" programs that they could use some help in setting up some accounts. So here you go, I am your "Tech Support".

For starters I am suggesting that everyone who takes part in "The 365" program sets up a gmail account. Here is a simple link to click on that will take you to a page where step by step instructions get you going in no time with gmail. Click here for the Gmail link and if you are having trouble with the gmail site click here for the step by step instructions to set up your Gmail account. I suggest you name your account like this example, This way everything "The 365" will go to this account and you can keep all of your "The 365" material in one spot.

I am also setting up a "Closed" Facebook "The 365 Effect" Working the program group, is where everyone who is actively taking part and committed to "The 365" can share their experiences as well as trial and tribulations. The intent of the Facebook group (or any other means of sharing and connecting) is to provide a virtual community where people can learn from, support and share with each other as they follow the road that "The 365" takes them. I wish there was a group for me to connect with in the first 6 months of the program. In order to become a member of the group you will need to join Facebook. Click here to join Facebook and simply use your the365@gmail account email to join and then search for me Alan Bishop and request to be added as a friend. If you already have a Facebook account just search for me and ask to be added to my friends list.

That should get people started and connected. Once you are on gmail you can become a follower of this blog by simply signing up off the link on this page .

Hope that helps get some of you started.

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  1. Great Tech support! After years of avoiding Facebook, I am now on it! Thanks from a non techie!!!