Monday, November 2, 2009

Make your Commitments Stick - Get S.A.M.

The overwhelming majority of people that I come in contact with have no problem making commitments to "positive change" in their lives. It's an easy task for them.

The winds of change blow in and sweep them off their feet to that magical place of peace and tranquility where everything is easy, calm and perfect. Sounds like a pretty cool environment for thinking, creating and planning for change in your life.

The winds of change typically blow in around birthdays, anniversaries or the traditional New Years resolutions time. I also hear them blowing after people have had "Life altering" experiences, serious health issues or when faced with traumatic events. The POWER of these events are astounding. Quality self work is done during these times, especially in the times of trauma or life-altering stress. The challenge when thinking about "Change" comes when actually having to LIVE these changes for any length of time.

Here is where S.A.M. comes in. You gotta get S.A.M. You have to have S.A.M. on your side.

The challenge people have when trying to make their commitments stick is in their ability to integrate them into their daily life. Changing your body, your mind, your environment, your finances, your relationships are all hard things to do. When most people envision change they see themselves in the "Future"; rarely do they see themselves along the path of the change. The majority of people fail in their ability to make lasting change because of this.

In all of my work with organizations and individuals who are on the path of change with "The 365 Effect" I get S.A.M. on their side right from the get go. S.A.M. is one of the foundational aspects to "The 365 Effect".

S - Simple
A -Actionable
M - Measurable

Every single "The 365" plan that I have worked with uses the S.A.M principle when establishing the 4 commitments that will be honored for the year. When asked the question "What is it about my life that I would want to change" everyone has a different answer. As I have written about before, the majority of answers fall into 3 categories - Health, Relationships and Finances. When I approach each of those areas with S.A.M by my side I am able to whittle them down to the Simplest commitment possible that is Actionable on a daily basis and Measurable over time, in order to create a path of success for the 365'er.

Interested in learning more about getting S.A.M. on your side. Reach out and say hi email me at or find me on Twitter @the365effect and send me a message.

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