Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad Days

Having a bad day? Are you feeling like the world around you is falling down and you are at it's epicenter? Have you started down the river of denial and are having a challenge turning the boat around? Me too. Over the last 9 months I have had many of these days. They don't stop happening, but for me they are starting to get easier. Easier isn't the right word, more like manageable.

My "The 365" program for 2009 has at this stage become an integrated part of my daily life. I am not being challenged in the same way that I was with my commitments in months 1-4. This is not to say that I am not still challenged everyday by one or more aspects of my "The 365" program. I am. It amazes me the different levels of awareness I have become to understand in relation to the 4 different commitments that I felt compelled to make as part of my "365". It is because of this awareness that I have been able to get past the "Bad Days" and move quickly through them.

A "Bad Day" is going to happen. We're not perfect and life's not perfect. There are too many variables beyond our control and trying to live a life of perfection can lead to disaster. Allow yourself a Bad Day. Allow yourself to experience what happens when you let the "Dark Side" take over. Give yourself permission to have a Bad Day. Who says life is supposed to be free from them. Who says you can't have one once in a while. The key is not to let 1 Bad Day ruin the rest of them. Think about the mess you could allow yourself to get into if you let all the negative thoughts, emotions and actions of this one Bad Day drive your next day, week, month year etc etc. Yikes. Cut yourself some slack. Recognize the Bad Day syndromes and react appropriately.

(It's funny as I was writing this and I wrote the words 'Dark Side" I couldn't help but see Darth Vadar in my mind and started writing/thinking in my head, speaking in his heavy breathed accent. It made me laugh out loud in the coffee shop I am in. Good times).

Think about how you can change and react appropriately in the way you deal with your Bad Days. I love this quote from Napoleon, he said " The only consequences which are permanent and leave no regrets are our conquests over ourselves. I love that. We have to be able to commit to ourselves and be willing to tackle our own issues before we can conquer the world.

Start small and work up to it... Don't try and conquer the world until you have taken care of the things in your own back yard.

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