Friday, October 16, 2009

Clean your "Closet" and clean your life

Here is a little test to do if you have some extra time. Go to your closet or dresser and open them up. Have a look inside and try on every pair of pants and every shirt that you have. I would suggest even trying on that pile of underwear crammed into the corner. What fits and what doesn't? What makes you feel good and what just feels, well, old and tired. (If you are reading this right now and you have some time, GO...RIGHT NOW and do this. Open your closets and get started).... I will wait till you get back.

OK, your back.

I bet many of you have at least a quarter of your wardrobe that fits into the tired, old, worn and generally "doesn't excite you to wear it" category. My question is why? Why are you saving these bits and pieces of cloth? Why is your closet or dresser so full that when you try to close it something is always "Sticking" out and you have to push it back in to make it close? Is it the memory of a time gone by when you were wearing that old rag? Is it because your body will someday get back into that size 6 little black dress? Are you trying to collect the world's largest collection of concert T-shirts?

If all that I have said above makes sense to you then stop. Go to your garbage bag spot and pick out a couple bags. Start filling them up with the clothes that you don't wear, don't make you feel good or simply don't fit. Get rid of them. There are way too many people in need who could use those clothes, so bag them up and drop them off at your local charity depot. Be done with them.

OK. Why am I talking to you about clothes? Well here you go.
If we have our closets full to the brim, I mean so full that at times we can't find an extra hanger or we are stuffing stuff back in the drawers in order to close them, we have too much clutter. We have more than we need, but more importantly, we are not allowing ANY space for something new and exciting to come into our life. How is something supposed to come to us when we are too full and have no room. I have always found that in those times where I most needed something and I "cleared a space" for it most times it comes to me in one way or another.

"The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them."
~George Bernard Shaw

I love that quote. Think about your wardrobe and think about how you have changed. The reason you can't fit into some of those clothes is your body has changed. The reason they look old and tattered is because they ARE old and tattered. The reason you have 30+ concert t-shirts is because in high school and college you were a mullet wearing Rock God. Do you think now with that starter "Monk" bald spot on your head that the Motorhead T-shirt will really still look cool?

Look at the changes you want to make in your life. If your mind is so cluttered and full like your closets, how in the heck are you going to become clear and focused on adding another thought, commitment, goal or challenge? You need to make room inside that mind of yours. You need to take stock and figure out where you currently are and go from there. You aren't going to pull out that lime green Miami Vice blazer that you once wore and head out to a cocktail party with your boss and colleagues just like you aren't going to have the same goal of competing in the Olympics in decathlon like you did in college. You need to look at where you are now and where you want to go. Free the clutter of the past because at this point there is no past. You don't want to live in the past because you have learned all you can from it. You've got it. That's what your memory is for. If you have forgotten something there is probably a good reason that you have. Think about how you want to move into the future. Do you want to do it with power, with passion and with a clarity of purpose that guides your every move. Or, do you want to keep with the same thoughts and methods that have you were you are. Remember, 'If you keep doing what your doing your going to get what you've always got". If what you've "Got" is good enough GREAT, but if you want more. If you want to live the life of your dreams. If you want to do what you know in your heart to be your purpose then you have to make some changes. I can show you how. "The 365" will change your life.

Take the challenge...experience Life.

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