Monday, August 9, 2010

Stoking the "Fires Within" - What are you feeding them or are you putting them out?

I got to thinking late last night about what keeps me motivated and pushing to be the best version of me that I can be. It was probably not the best of ideas to start thinking about as I was super tired after a fantastic CrossFit workout earlier in the evening and SLEEP was what my body was craving. Once I got into it though, the pen flew to paper and the notes started to accumulate on the page.

The "Fires Within" burn inside us at all times and at certain times these fires can consume us, direct us or even incapacitate us. Look at LOVE as an example. Can you remember a time when that "Love Fire" was so strong that it utterly consumed you to a point where nothing else was on your radar. You fed that fire with every ounce of your being, intention and thought. I can remember when I first met my wife Kathy and we were in the initial stages of our love relationship. I will never forget the burning and almost physically uncontrollable urge to crawl over a desk to kiss her for the first time. It was a fire that I had to monitor lest it rage out of control and ruin what has turned out to be the "relationship" of my life. The Kiss when it did happen was spectacular but that kiss might have not ever happened if I hadn't carefully fueled my fire within.

We all have these intense desires and passions or "Fires". I wonder though, how many people consciously feed these fires to give them life, or do most people put out the sparks before they can burst into flame. What makes a person ignite that fire within and what makes them extinguish it? Why do some rage out of control and others barely flicker and starve to gain the light?

These thoughts kept me up last night. As always, I can only answer for myself and in my case it is this undeniable desire to EXPERIENCE Life. I crave experiences, challenges and discoveries. Experiences are the fuel that feed my fire. When I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to share these experiences with others and provide an opportunity for them to have a possible "Fire" come to life inside of them is when I know I have lived to my full potential.

One of the greatest lessons that "The 365 Effect" gave me was the realization and knowing that I can change. As funny as that sounds for those of you who know me, I really didn't fully know if I could do it. As the year long process evolved it became apparent that not only could I change but that the changes would become permanent. I have always had a fire deep within to "break the cycle" of my youth and now I knew that not only was this cycle broken for good but also that I could break ANY cycle that was consuming me on any level and at any time. What POWER.....I am invincible (but still human).

My motivating factors are different than yours and my goals, intentions and "fires" are also different, but what we do share are the same "fuels". We have access to the same foods, the same exercises, the same mentors, educators and encourager's. We can find support, guidance and instruction from virtually all corners of the globe. It is at our fingertips and always within reach. You just have to CHOOSE to go after it. You have to use INTENTION when looking at how you are going to "Fuel" your fires within. You have to ask yourself GOOD QUESTIONS because the better the questions you ask yourself the better the "Fuel" you will be feeding your fires. Make sense?

I CHOOSE to feed my fires. I push, pull, drag, and sometimes kick my way to getting what I want. I haven't met all my goals or dreams yet, but damn it, I am still trying and will keep trying because, well, that's what I do.

As always I welcome any comments and thoughts. If you are finding "The 365" interesting pass me on a note, make a comment and pass on this blog on to others. Spread "The 365 Effect".


  1. cool fuel ideas brother bear. I tend to run between a full on gusher pumping out 100,000 gallons a day to completely capped by cement or to getting so hot the fuel combusts and burns itself out. Maybe I should go from fossil fuels to alternative energy?