Saturday, August 7, 2010

Transformative or Transitional - What stage are you in?

Lately it seems the cycle of change is happening for more and more people. I'm getting questioned more often about the "How's" in respect to people wanting to make a change. When I ask them the question "What is it about your life that you want to change' I think I am going to have to narrow that down for people more and more. Or at least provide some more tools for them to question themselves.

Change is inevitable. We all change over the course of our lives. Simply, we grow, we age, we live and we die. These happen regardless of any planning on our part. The amazing thing is we DEAL with it. We go with the flow as this "Natural" change happens to everyone regardless of talent, desire, status or plain old good luck. It is only when we start to think about Change that the problems start to happen.

If you're thinking about making a change in your life, take the first step and go through my "7 day questioning process" (outlined briefly in "How many Rungs on your ladder" blog posting). After the 7 days you will then have a solid starting point from which to start planning your change. A next step is then starting to look at what "Type" of change you are going to make. Is it Transitional or Transformative?

Ah ha.... got you thinking don't I?

First off don't sweat it. It will all make sense and one is not better or worse than the other but simply just another way for you to get S.A.M. on your side.

Ok so lets define the 2 and then talk a bit about them in relation to "The 365 Effect".

Transformational Change -
a personal or organizational process that involves deep, powerful emotions or beliefs, and is evidenced in action. An important part of transformational Change is for individuals to change their frames of reference by critically reflecting on their assumptions and beliefs while consciously making and implementing plans that bring about new ways of defining their worlds.

Transitional Change - a personal movement to replace existing processes or behaviours with something that is completely new. The period when the old process is being dismantled and the new behaviour is being implemented is called the transitional phase. A new home or city, quitting smoking, starting a new diet or beginning a fitness plan are all examples of transitional change. Transitional change may not require a significant shift in beliefs.

Here is a brief example of what I am wanting you to take into account when thinking about these types of change.

If someone says "Hey I want to lose weight" and that is pretty much it, then it's Transitional. If however, that same person wants to completely re-frame their life and make healthy living as one of their goals and losing weight is just one part of the healthy living process, then we are talking about Transformational Change.

Ok, so there are the definitions. That's the "What", so now on to the "So What", so what does this all mean to you? Here's the So What.

When you sit down after completing the 7 day process start asking yourself whether you are wanting to make a Transformational Change or a Transitional one. It really is a crucial part of the process. One isn't "better, easier or harder" but the differences between the two are vast, and it is important for you to recognize what type of changes you are looking at.

More food for thought and feeding the brain is good.. don't you think?

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