Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The BIG QUESTION - What is it about my life I want to change?

Ok all of you "The 365"ers out there. Are you getting ready for the Big Change? The next big event, the next Cycle of YOU? How are you going to set yourself up for success? How are you going to allow yourself the ability to make happen, what you want to, have happen? What are your "checks and balances" your "parameters"? Who is in your corner? Are you even in your own corner? Makes you go hmmm doesn't it?

Let me try to help out, or at least give you a framework from with to start from.

In helping others to start and to craft their own "The 365 Effect" it has become increasingly important to me and to the individuals starting on The 365 Effects path, that they take the initial time to effectively ask themselves the BIG QUESTION. That question hasn't changed and it still is "What is it about my life that I want to change". In speaking about The 365 Effect for the last 2 years I haven't come across a single person who can dispute this fact -EVERYONE has something about their life that they want to change. I have met and spoken with people who have initially vehemently disagreed with me about that fact. Initially they have told me there is NOTHING about their life that they would change and they have gone on and pointed out all the wonderful things that are happening and the amazing progress they are making as a professional, a person etc etc. It is only after I acknowledge these amazing feats of greatness do they then go on and expound on their wishes to "Sell more shows", "Not be as tired", "Play more with their kids" and so on. We, (collective we) can only look through the rose colored glasses for so long, eventually we have to move forward and progress or we just start dying a little bit more everyday. So with this being said let's get back to the big question and how you set yourself up to effectively ask yourself it.

First off. Make a commitment to this process. It will take all of a maximum of 5minutes over the course of 7 days. 5 Freaking minutes people. Most of us spend 5 minutes in the line up to get our coffee's in the morning let alone take 5 minutes out of a week that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. So commit to this 5 min process and DO IT for the 7 days.

Ok, so now you're committed. Great. Congrats.

Step 1. Find 5 times in your daily life where you can pinpoint a "Ceremonial Time". Ceremonial times are different for everyone but we all have them. A few examples are "When you pour your first cup of coffee in the morning", "When you get in your car to drive to work", "When you shut down your computer for lunch break", "When you open your locker at the gym before you workout", "Right after you tuck in your kids to bed", "When you brush your teeth" Etc etc. These are all "Ceremonial Times" in our days - our personal rituals. These times are very important to us as they are signposts for us whether we use them or not. I want you to use them.

Step 2 - Pick 5 of these "Ceremonial Times" and commit to them for the next 7 days. At each ceremonial time ask yourself the question "What is it about my life that I want to change". Say it aloud, say it with intention and then on the paper you have placed nearby write down the first thing that comes into your head.

Step 3 - Don't Judge anything you have written down. Just move on with your day until the next ceremonial time and repeat the process. Never look at what you have written down or pay it any mind as there will be time for that later.

Step 4 - Repeat the process 5 times a day for a full 7 days and you will have 35 questions asked and 35 answers to that same question.

Step 5 - Now we can begin....

In the next blog entry I will take you through the process for making sense of these 35 answers. More to follow...stay tuned.

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