Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't let the QuickSand of life swallow you, get FOCUSED now.

It's not going to go away.

Those extra lbs around your middle, the pile of bills on the desk, the postponed "Date Nights", the quality time with your kids, the next great invention etc etc.

All of these things and the countless other amazing "opportunities" that are out there just waiting for us WILL NOT HAPPEN, unless life as you know it changes. If you're not participating in daily action towards what want to achieve, you are simply "Burying your head in the Sand". If you are taking action but not getting the results you are looking for then STOP WHAT YOUR DOING as it isn't working. You are simply unwilling to face the facts and taking steps to live the life you WANT to live. Instead you are living the life of the 'walking dead' and you're resigned to live the life that "others" dictate for you.

Drastic statement - YES, but without a drastic change to the way you are living your life you will continue to have your head in the sand until one day you find yourself in "Quicksand" and your life is swallowed up once and for all. Don't let this happen to you. Get Focused.

But how, oh wise one of the Internet... how? AHA.. great question. Let's take a little step.

If you followed my last post and did the exercise (click link) of asking yourself the BIG Question "What is it about my life that I want to change" then you already have a great deal of information to sort through. Lets start examining some of the things that people have been reporting back to me with and see if we can maybe shed some light on your path.

In general, global "365'ers" have been coming back to me with 3 main "change" areas. This will not come as a surprise but might let you know that you're not alone in your goals. The 3 areas are "Health, Relationships and Finances". I call these the Big 3. The Big 3 represent huge "buckets" where many different goals and commitments can be drafted. In my research I have found that people not only over complicate the Big Question results but they also attempt to take on too many different things and make goals that are WAY too big in scale and scope. The idea of "The 365 Effect" isn't to make your life more difficult; it is to provide a system, strategy and process for you to "Live the life you want to live". Individuals must reduce the amount of "Noise" that clutters up their minds in order to realistically plan out their respective correct paths of change. People need to get quiet and ask themselves the right questions. I firmly believe that the "quality of the questions we ask ourselves dictate the quality of our lives" and in order to effectively ask ourselves these questions we need to find a way to reach a state of peacefulness - whatever that state looks like to you. Without trying to sound like a "New Age" guru (there are way too many of those - "Buy my seminar please" types) if that place and state of peace comes from meditation, being in nature, listening to classical music, working out or WHATEVER... just find that place of peace and simplify your Big Question answer. If it seems like you are lumping more onto your plate, you have probably not simplified your Big Question answer enough.

Look at this example... Three generations of a family decided to start The 365 process - Grandpa (65), Son (40)and Grandson (15). Each of these men spent the week asking themselves the "Big Question", did the exercise to its completion and each came up with Health as the primary answer to their question.

The Grandpa's change centered around how to remain active while everyone around him was shutting down and resigning themselves to a more sedentary lifestyle. The Son's change focused on not eating himself to death and transforming his diet from an unhealthy one to a healthy one. The Grandson's goals were dialed in to changing his body image and losing his "baby fat" while turning his body into that of a high performance athlete. Each of these "Life changing" goals fit into the Big 3 bucket of "Health" but each are drastically different and complex. The planning and execution to achieve these different goals over the course of a "The 365 Effect" is where the "Laser Focused" attention now needs to be directed. This is where you need to get "S.A.M." (Click link) on your side and start to craft your plan of success for completing your first "The 365 Effect" and changing your life forever. The step now is to dissect your Big Question answer and break it up into manageable chunks. If your answer to the Big Question was "I want to be healthy", GREAT, but holy shit that is a HUGE statement with infinite possible steps to achieve it. You could probably make yourself sick trying to find commitments to meet that goal. Get S.A.M. on your side and start writing down every commitment you can think of that you can attach to your answer of "getting healthy". Once you narrow them down to 4 Commitments then you can start to look at attaching ACTIONS to those commitments and the measurement systems that go with them.

Remember this is about "Living the life you want to live" nothing else. You deserve it, it's your life.

I always appreciate your comments and feedback so if you want to find out how to be "Effected" drop me an email, reach out to me here on the blog or find me on Twitter.
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