Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fearlessness + Execution = Excellence

Why is it that we are so quick to jump up and perform for that "9 to 5" dime? Is it our career ambition; our wanting to please; the desire to contribute; the proving to others that we can do it?

Don't get me wrong I firmly believe in doing the best job we can. When you show up for work, WORK!  There isn't another reason for you to be there, so get busy doing your job. If you are not loving the place your currently working at ...WHOOPS big mistake there. You'd better change your outlook or your situation because pretty soon you will become one of the walking dead. You know those people, you have seen them walking down the street, sitting at the boardroom table, putting another Successories memento up on the partition wall in their cubicle. They muddle along, hovering on that never ending balance beam of "neutrality" until something SMACKS them in the face and changes their perspective (i.e, Cancer scare, death of a loved one, midlife crisis, being fired).

When was the last time you took a LEAP and performed for yourself. I mean really went after something. Something IMPORTANT to YOU. It could be committing to losing that 10 pounds you know you have wanted to lose for 10 years, or sitting on that beach in Fiji cracking open a real coconut which YOU, yes you, have climbed up and shaken from the tree, or that million dollar IDEA that keeps getting pushed further and further out of your INBOX.

We have to be FEARLESS for our own wants, needs, ideas, passions and desires. No one else is going to go to bat for us. If you refuse to stand up, commit and execute on what it is you want out of this life you are done. You might as well just "push play" and let the elevator music take over.

Have you defined what is excellence for you? If not ask yourself the question and stop doing anything that doesn't lead you towards that excellence in all areas of your life. Make "bite size" chucks of your life and the different areas of your existence (work, home, health, family, finances, relationships etc etc). Take those bite size chunks and look at them one at a time and consider what YOUR excellence looks like in each of those areas important to you.

Fearless execution of our ideas and passions leads to personal excellence.

Really, why are you worried about what others think. This is YOUR life. Go about living it. YOUR WAY.

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