Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Your Kaleidoscopes of Life

Some interesting comments have been brought up regarding my last post about Resolve... Are all types of "Resolve" the same? Can I look to a "Higher Power" to help lift me up when I am ready to fail? Is a "practical approach" better than a "spiritual approach"? If it is only about "me" why do I care about enablers and assistants?

All of these are GREAT questions and there really isn't one answer. Each case is unique to the individual based on the particular challenges, goals and belief systems one might have. Each of us really does have an ever shifting and changing "Kaleidoscope" of life that we look out at the world with.

I challenge all of you reading this to take stock over the next 7 days or so before the New Year descends upon us. If you are contemplating crafting your own "The 365 Effect" for 2011, you will want to start with asking yourself the "Big Question" and working through the process as outlined; Feel free to email me for support in your process. If you are just interested in exploring the concept of your "Kaleidoscope of Life" then start by taking stock. Here are some suggestions:

1) Ask this question to those people who you know will give you a straight answer "What is my best Trait and what is my biggest Challenge". It might sting a bit, but ask four or five people who you know won't sugar coat the answer
2) Come up with your "Uniqueability" - what is it that separates you from everyone else?
3) What 3 accomplishments are you most proud of? What can you scream from the rooftops for everyone to hear?
4) Revisit what you have done to get you to where you are now. Is this the path you want to continue to create? Are you where you need to be or are you on a path to nowhere....at least nowhere where you want to be?
5) Get a physical. Yup.. go to the Doctor and get checked out from Top to Bottom.
6) Look at Love, Finances and Health. Any red flags popping up? If so WHAT are they?
7) Find a mentor. Find out where you want to be and pick someone who is already there. Pick up the phone and ask them how they got there and for them to help you find your way there as well. It really is that simple. Turn on your computer, Google away then Pick up the phone and ask for help. It's that simple. Get a mentor.

When you take the time to really listen to yourself, your trusted peers, enablers and mentors you can start to define the view...your view, your KALEIDOSCOPE. Just as images of a kaleidoscope change by the constant reshuffling of its component parts, so must we be able to shift and merge our skill sets to meet constantly changing and increasingly intricate problems that arise in our daily lives. If we don't understand the moving parts or are unwilling to challenge the problems that make up our Kaleidoscopes and we just keep "spinning" the viewfinder to find something that we find "beautiful, easy or mesmerizing" we will always be faced with an unknown.

I believe we have to prepare for the unknown and unknowable. We need to constantly question ourselves and look for the answers to our own life questions. Let's start taking care of ourselves and then - only then - can we start to help others. Remember, "The quality of the questions you ask yourself dictate the Quality of your Life".

Find help where ever you need it. Whether that is your "relationship with Christ" or your commitment to "Self" or your belief in a "Higher Power", I don't care what "Floats your boat"...just get your boat in the water and set sail. Sometimes the best way you can go is the way the wind blows you!!

As always I welcome any comments or thoughts. If you are finding "The 365" interesting pass on a note, make a comment and feel free to pass on this blog on to others. Spread "The 365 Effect".
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