Friday, March 4, 2011

The Mental Trainer within - Your greatest asset

You are your own worst enemy. You are your best asset. Which statement above resonated with you the most. Which one did you immediately attach yourself to? Are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty person?

The mental "State" that you keep yourself in is as important as the physical shape we work so hard to keep. We watch what we eat, we drink diet cola, we choose skim rather than whole milk, we "South Beach, Atkins, Paleo or Raw Food" diet. We get 30 Min's of exercise a day, we love our kids, we put in an honest days work for an honest dollar, we appreciate our spouse. What's missing here?

I believe the above statements are pretty true for the large majority of us. We "Try" to do the best we can. Why is it then that self help books, new diet fads and pharmaceutical companies are making millions of dollars and continually coming out with new ways to be "better".

I believe it's because we really take our biggest asset for granted. Our minds, our mental strength, our resolve, our willpower, our Mental Trainer.

When was the last time you stopped, got quiet and even remotely tried to tap into that place? That place where you get rid of all bias, all doubt, all distraction and just ask YOURSELF a question and get the answer. Chances are this is a very scary process and for most of us it is a process that leads to an answer that we know is right for us. I mean an answer that we KNOW it is right for us but the reality of making that decision will take some serious work.

This is where the wheels come off and we retreat. We go back into that "hunched" over body position and resign ourselves to the path we are on even though we know it is the wrong path. We lose the momentum and those endorphins that were raging through our bodies evaporate into thin air and back to square one we go...or worse yet we dip down below neutral and have to start from there.

We have to work with our internal Mental Trainer. We have to build up a tolerance to it. Every once in a while you have to go along with it and build up the trust. If you "Put your mind in a position of POWER your body will follow". It doesn't matter what the goal is, just get your mind right. Pretty soon you will be standing tall, breathing strong and striding out to challenge the world knowing YOU have your own back. Having the confidence and will to fight for what YOU want. That mental trainer inside of you won't let you fail.

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