Saturday, March 5, 2011

Transmedia - This is how "The 365 Effect" will reach the masses

This hit me like a ton of bricks today. I should thank Catherine Winckler from Switch United for "enlightening" me.

For all "Creative" types this is definitely our future or at least a big part of how we are going to get our messages out. If you don't have this on your radar you'd better.

*** Transmedia storytelling is storytelling by a number of decentralized authors who share and create content for distribution across multiple forms of media. Transmedia immerses an audience in a story’s universe through a number of dispersed entry points, providing a comprehensive and coordinated experience of a complex story.


Transmedia narrative is the technique of conveying messages, concepts and themes to a mass audience through systemic and concerted use of multiple media platforms. The implementation is designed to engage audience members individually, validating their involvement and positively reinforcing personal participation in the narrative. The result is intense loyalty, long-term engagement and a desire to share the experience.

In recent years, applications of transmedia narrative have been popularized in the entertainment industry. Popular films and television shows, especially ones that boast deep worlds, complex storylines and layered mysteries are offering their audiences the opportunity to “live the lifestyle” of the show, providing them with rich content accessible across an array of media distribution channels.

Audience members are also invited to voice their opinions, even dialog with the showrunners. In more advanced incarnations, audience members may even interact with the characters themselves, through use of Web-based avatars, video games or alternate reality experiences. This generates a fiercely attentive and vociferous self-organized following known as a fan base.

The activities of these “torchbearers” can cause a little known program to gain “buzz,” disproportionately impact the popular culture and subsequently become a phenomenal success.***

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