Friday, July 8, 2011

Subtle Hints - Take the time to do things now and STOP the pain

  A little Simple wisdom for the morning -
 When walking for a long time while carrying a heavy load sometimes people feel a little pain or "Hot Spot" on their feet.  That the pain in your foot might soon lead to a blister.  That blister will hurt and make the walking all that more painful. 

Stop and treat it.  Don't get sucked into just "pushing through the pain" - The pain is going to come anyways in one way, shape or form.  Why add to it now when you can easily stop and treat it. 

Taking this simple example into any other area of our lives I think we too often "push" our way through life not listening to the subtle hints that our bodies tell us. We GO GO GO trying to reach the imaginary finish line rather than just enjoy some of the moments along the way.

Take an extra second today to LISTEN to your body and see if there is a way you can STOP and "TREAT" something that needs your you might just be racing too hard for that finish line.


  1. Great article Alan. I broke my foot in Judo six weeks ago. Part of me knew it was broken, but I was 'pretending' it was just sprained. After 3 days went for x-rays and found out it was in fact broken. Now wondering why I hobbled around the PNE on a broken foot, when I could have taken 30 minutes, found out exactly what I was dealing with, and not 'push through the pain' as we are too often taught.



  2. I have to say that this completely applies to relationships as well. How many of us "push through the pain" of knowing that our primary relationship is just not with the right person, but we keep plunging along, believing that more time, effort, sacrifice will make it better. Better to listen to your body, and your heart, and acknowledge that you've learned all you were meant to learn with that person and that, despite the pain, it's time to move on. Thanks for the insight Alan! Kxo