Friday, March 25, 2011

Determination - 365 ways to change how you get things done.

Determination - "The quality of being resolute; firmness of purpose".
What is it that drives you?  Where is your line in the sand? How do you measure your resolve?  What test have you given to yourself in the last 3 months to gauge any of the above?

Today I have decided to write about Determination and its impact on my life.  In the last couple of months many of my peers have been commenting on my determination and resolve.  It has gone mostly unnoticed by me until earlier this week when it really hit me; I am constantly testing my resolve every single day with my "The 365 Effect".  It was an epiphany for me.  I know that committing to "The 365 Effect" takes resolve and determination but I have only recently become aware of it's benefits into other areas of my life that I am not currently working on  or "changing".  
In crafting an individuals "The 365 Effect" plan,  I urge and help them to realize 4 commitments that they are willing to honor for 365 days.  The plan is laser focused on making those 4 commitments Simple, Actionable and Measurable (S.A.M.) The plan doesn't take into account all of the ancillary benefits that the individual will "organically" receive from honoring and working their "The 365 Effect".   It is becoming increasingly clear to me that there is a direct correlation of me working and honoring my "The 365 Effect" plan to the considerable movement and success I am starting to achieve in other areas of my life -not related to the specifics of my current 'The 365 Effect" plan.  

This is my 3rd year of "The 365 Effect" and in terms of gaining data and processing information that is a relatively short amount of time.  One of the most amazing things that I am discovering about "The 365 Effect" is the not just impact and success I have achieved in every area of "Change" that I have committed to over the last 3 years but also the "ripple effect" into other areas of my life.  I am finding that my resolve and determination to get things done has increased and my ability to execute immediately on ideas and projects has flourished.  The clarity with which I can filter out the "noise" that is buzzing around me and dial into the challenges at hand has improved.   

The last 844 days that I have been on "The 365 Effect" express have shown me many things, but the most important so far is - I can do it.  I can change my life.  I can make a difference in myself and all in all, it isn't that hard.

If I can do it.  So can you.  Set your goal, firm up your resolve and set up the plan....the simple plan to make it happen.

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