Thursday, December 6, 2012

5 things to do before you die - What's holding you back?

NEWS FLASH - You might be hit by a BUS tomorrow.  SPLAT, that's it, done, over, sayonara.  Oh the horror of it. I didn't write my manuscript, jump out of a plane, hug my grandchild, build my dream house etc, etc, etc.

Life happens.  We can't predict the future or control anyone other than ourselves.  If that bus is coming for us, we'd better have made peace with ourselves and found a way of living the life we want to live. You don't want to be second guessing yourself on your way UP or Down (depending on how you see that of course).

Today this is a very simple post.  It is a very simple concept and if done correctly this could change your life.  Here goes.

Get out a pen and paper -Check
Write - 5 things to do before I die across the top of the page - Check
Write the numbers 1 to 5 down the left hand side - Check
Fill in the blank beside the 5 numbers - Check
Complete the 5 things - Oh Oh... - "Houston we have a problem"

Why is there a problem?  What's holding you back?  Identify this fear, this belief, this feeling?  What is it and where does it come from?  You know the life you want to live.  You know what feels important to you?  What is holding you back from getting it?  Identify it, but don't feed it.  The belief system isn't serving you or allowing you to be all that you can be.  Sometimes the first step in living the life we want to live, is identifying the obstacles in front of us.  It's pretty hard to take that first step if the path is blocked.  

Look back on your list of 5 things and figure out what is blocking you?  What is in your way.  If it's in your control, find a way to move it.  If your list is too hard to complete right save that one and fill a new one with things that are immediately achievable.  Tick those babies off and make a new list.

Allow yourself the opportunity to achieve the 5 things you want to do before you die because you never know, that bus might be right around the corner.

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