Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Loser Living - How to let your failures spring you forward

Failure - It has such powerful meaning.  The memories of our personal and professional failures smack us straight in the face whenever we think of them. 
They IMPACT us.  

I thought long and hard about using the picture that I did for today's post.  How did that make you feel?  What image did it bring into your mind? 

If you look back on your life I'm sure you can remember all the missteps or failures that you've had en route to your successes or achievements.   The bigger the success the more likely that the road to get there was a hard and bumpy one.   When you look back at these successes though you most always say, "Whew that was hard, but in the end well worth the effort".  You acknowledge the bumps and bruises and accept them based upon achieving the result you were after. 

If we dissect the process however, we see that it is these "Failures", which, more often than not, lead us to the path of our greatness.  These "bumps in the road" kick us back on track, they realign our thinking, they slow us down, they make us adjust and adapt to current conditions or environments.  

The saying that there are no "overnight successes" is absolutely true.  The "10,000 hours to Greatness" is in my belief, one of the most relevant concepts relating to Mastery or Talent or Success.   People who have reached levels of mastery or fame have all spent uncountable hours honing and refining there crafts.  That time wasn't always moving forward in a straight line but it was always MOVING FORWARD.

I love this quote by Napolean Hill - "Success comes to those who become success conscious. Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure conscious".

To me, this is the essence of today's post.  Allowing yourself to adopt a   "Success Mindset" rather than a "Failure Mindset" is absolutely essential to committing to the change you want to make in your life.  Whatever that change may be.  If you constantly let the memories of your past failures IMPACT your current state of mind, all the good intentions you have are going to be squashed buy those images and memories.  For an example take the case of the person who sets a goal of losing 10lbs. 

This person has struggled with weight issues since they were a teenager, their body image is, at best on shaky ground, they are successful and motivated but this one issue, this one part of their life has haunted them for years.  We have all heard this story and right now you can visualize this person - you know them - you might even be this person.  They have tried to lose 10lbs many times and some times they have succeeded only to see the weight come back on in new and exciting places.   This person has to make a choice.  They can choose to bring the "Failure Mentality" with them (those past pictures, images and stories of the "Legend of the 10lb loss) " on this new attempt or they can start fresh with the knowledge of all the successful things they have done. 

Too often people attempt new things, new goals, projects, life stages with all the negative bagged accumulated from their past as well as the past of others.  The example of "The Legend of the 10lb loss" is something that everyone has a story about.  This specific story is in the media, in family histories, in schools and we hear about it from "Jenny Craig", from "The Biggest Loser" and from every known fitness pusher on the market.  All of this "noise" will impair you if you let it. 

LET GO of the failures of the past and work on building your Success Mindset.  You know that there will be bumps in the road ahead but why on earth would you set the road up at the beginning to be filled with insurmountable obstacles before you even set foot on it? 

In the next post I will talk about my "Backpack Thinking" principle. It's a great mental visual to help you take those first small steps towards achieving your goals.

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