Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year but is it a New you? Be who YOU want to be!

A couple of different thoughts for you to think about as you kick off the New Year.

If you are one of the millions of people who have set out to "CHANGE" an aspect of your life this year then - CONGRATULATIONS -  Way to go!
Cheers to you and good luck in 2013.

While thinking about that new road that you're on, here are just a few simple thoughts to keep in mind.

1) Don't be one of the people who "talks about it" - BE about it - be your change this year and BE and example for others.
     - Show others you can do it.  Be an example for them and let your success rub off on them so everyone can be part of your journey.  Success breeds success.....surround yourself with it.

2) - Remember to question yourself constantly.  If you don't who will? 
     - The QUALITY of the questions you ask yourself, dictate the QUALITY of your life. I can't say this enough and it's as simple as looking yourself in the mirror as soon as you get up in the morning and saying to yourself "What will you do today to be successful"? -  It's that simple - Look yourself in the eye and ask the question and give an answer.  Give ONE answer and make sure you execute on it during the day.  Viola - Success.  Is that really so hard?  Is that too much to ask yourself?

3) - Simplify! 
     - If I can leave you with just 1 thing at the end of this year it is this - Keep your goals and objectives simple.  Make them simple! Make them small!  Craft them with success in mind not with the end goal in mind.  Example - "I will lose 30 pounds by summer" - Instead try "I will learn about what foods are best for my body and I will increase the consumption of those quality foods VS the ones that don't serve me".   The underlying goal of wanting to look better, feel better and live healthier is still there but the Tone, Look and Execution of the goal is more powerful and simpler in the second example.  If you make the choice to honor your goal of identifying the good foods VS the bad foods and simply make 1 choice a day you have honored your GOAL. 

Remember - Success breeds Success and you are building the mental advantage by achieving everyday.  Each day builds on the next and pretty soon you have months of success behind you that will fuel and inspire you through the "dark times".

Have an amazing, safe and joyful New Years and I wish all of you the best in 2013 - it's going to be a fantastic year.

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