Saturday, January 12, 2013

Taking a "Bite" sized chuck of life each day - Don't let it eat you.

Do you wake up with the intention of taking the world by storm?  Do you say your daily affirmations the moment you get out of bed?  Do you recite in your head all the positive "Self Talk" that is supposed to make a difference?  How do you prepare to meet the your day?

Crazy isn't it.  I am asking you; how many of you prepare to meet the day!  Sounds super simple; Right!   But how many of you actually prepare for your day and I mean cognitively prepare, plan or create a mindset for meeting the day before its gone?

The days go by quickly and we often reach the end of the day looking back and saying "Where did it go?"  Often we crawl into bed for that too brief respite, head filled with thoughts of all the things we didn't do, rather than a quiet, calm and fulfilled mind.  

We also forget that we can't get a day back.  Once your head hits the pillow and you wake up, it's gone - forever banished to the memory bank or just simply gone.  It's up to you to ensure you have made the most of it. But how?  You have to prepare.  Try this and take one simple step towards taking a bite of life each day - whether that's a nibble, a gnaw, a chomp or even a slurp.

Just as your head hits the pillow or the moment after you hit your snooze button the next morning visualize taking a bite out of an apple.  Simply SEE in your mind yourself taking a bite out of a red, green or apple color of your choice.  When you take that bite associate it with taking a "Bite of life".  Make the mental connection and that's it.... all you need to do then during the course of the day is to find one moment to realize that "Bite of the apple".  That "BITE OF LIFE".

Do something new - walk a different way to work, read a different section of the news, say hi to someone new, drop change into a beggars cup, try the special for lunch, ask your boss for advice, poke your head into the yoga studio, sit on a spin bike, learn a new joke.... the situations are endless and without limit.  The most important thing to remember though is to associate it with "taking that Bite of Life".

The connection is unbelievably powerful in your subconscious mind and will lead you to having experiences you might never of had before. 

Have an amazing day.

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