Friday, December 4, 2009

Casting your "Net"

Yesterday was one of those days that gets placed in your mind above the others. It is one of the days that you remember. It is one of those days that you share with your peers, friends and colleagues . You place it in your mind at the forefront because you need to recall it and build upon it. It was a successful day and I am embracing it. Why, oh why, you may ask has it been so important that I fill your valuable time up reading this first paragraph. Here is why!

I had a breakthrough. I had an epiphany. I was enlightened. It doesn't matter how I phrase it or how you make sense of it, the important part is this; I made a leap of faith and once again, trusting myself and my "path", I "Cast my Net" in the right direction.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to connect with a visionary leader, encourager, author and all around inspiring guy by the name of Kevin Carroll. Kevin is the author of "Rules of the Red Rubber Ball" and we share a mutual friend. This mutual friend suggested to me a while back that Kevin and I should connect as we both inspire her and sparks could fly if we connected on a project or two. I can only say this...THANKS CAROLINE.... and stay tuned to see the sparks fly.

One of the many highlights of the conversation for me was when Kevin and I were sharing our histories and basic philosophies. I was talking about my DLP (Definitive Life Purpose) and he threw out this concept of "Casting your net". It really struck me and I wanted to share it here.

When you are setting goals, re-evaluating your career, debating attending College, joining the military, or just asking yourself what is it I really want to be doing in my life, think about "Casting your Net". What type of "Net" are you casting? What are you trying to catch? How big is your net? How small? Where are you fishing? So many different parameters to choose from but each one is important.

When I look at a "New" direction in my life I have my DLP to fall back on. My DPL is my "Net" and I know immediately if I should be going ahead and investing my time and energy into the direction because of it. Have you found your "Net"?

Remember that sometimes we cast out our "Nets" and it doesn't matter what we catch. The net can be full of stuff. Some of it useful, some of it not and sometimes the net can be full of stuff that is downright harmful. You have to be constantly vigilant and willing to "throw back" the stuff that doesn't "serve you" or cast your net in a different direction if you are constantly catching things you don't need.

Take some time over the next couple weeks as the work load winds down as the holiday season ramps up into full swing. Look at your "Net" and see if you are catching and casting in the right direction.

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