Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Dream or your Dream

When Addicts "bottom out" most of them start their recovery process by "admitting that they have a problem". This is really their first step on the road to recovery?

Have you ever fallen into this "TRAP". Have you ever let someone else derail your dreams. I say this rather tongue and cheek because "letting" someone derail your dreams is like saying you let some one else breathe for you. Dreams are a wonderful thing; they can sustain us, help us sleep, frighten us and lead us toward a life so much better than the one we are living right now. Our dreams shape our futures. Without these dreams, goals or ambitions we are left with a void and simply existing on a day to day basis.

One thought for today is who's Dream are you following? Is it yours? Do you OWN it? Are you willing to fight, claw and scratch your way towards it doing everything in your power to claim it? If you're reading this and you don't immediately relate to that last sentence you should look at your dreams. Think of your goals, your targets and your dreams and ask yourself "Are these mine". It is a great exercise to help you get "LASER TARGETED" back to where you need to be. Focused on your dreams.

Over the last couple of years I have constantly been walking this fine line of my dreams vs other peoples dreams. It kicks my ass every time I really stop, look and really listen to what I am doing. I am amazed at how often I fall to the side of working on OTHER peoples dreams. This isn't to say I am not connected to them for various reasons, things like meeting my financial obligations, taking on an opportunity or supporting someone else. The part that gets me is the fact that I fall into the trap of getting away from what I need to be doing to make my dreams come true. The "lure" for me has been business. I need to make a living and I also live in the world of the "Creative". I am surrounded by people who are creative, who love creative people and who need creative people to make their "Machines" run. I get distracted, I live by following the Bright lights and Big Ideas. My biggest asset is also my biggest distraction; oh well "live by the sword, die by the sword.

So... let me sum this brief post up by saying - Look to your dreams and FOLLOW them, fight for them and don't let other peoples "clutter" and "importance' stray you from making yours come true. You know as well as I do that the sooner you get back to the path that YOU need to be on your dreams will come all the quicker. Stay motivated, stay focused and break through your walls.

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