Monday, December 20, 2010

How firm is your RESOLVE?

Nobody cares WHY but you.

At the end of the day it is only about YOU. Your determination, your desire and your resolve.

You can talk about what you want and why you want it. You can share your dreams with the world, write your goals on the fridge, hell, you can even craft your own "The 365 Effect" but when you come face to face with that dark cold and vast reality which is temptation, or a moment of weakness, what will you do? How firm is your resolve. How truly dedicated to the cause are you?

I am posting this today because many of you are coming to terms with your goals from the closing year and looking towards the plans you are wanting to bring to a reality in the coming year. How are you going to prepare yourself for the harsh realities of what that year might bring? What "fail-safes" are you putting into place to help with keeping you on the path you set for yourself? Are you aligning yourself with the correct enablers and assistants? Have you fully reflected on the year past and your successes and areas of challenge? Did you get "S.A.M." on your side when looking to chart the goals for the upcoming year?

I thought about this post when I suited up to go for a CrossFit workout that included a run outside. The workout was one of the more epic ones but what made it worse was the freezing, rainy and bordering on sleet/snow conditions that faced me outside my garage. I didn't want to do it. An internal battle was raging between my 'Devil on my left shoulder and the Angel on my right one". There was no way I wanted to push myself to go out into that cold to complete the 800m run portion of each of the rounds of the 4 round workout. Inside the house the fire was raging, it was warm and my family was all happy and sound doing their own things. I was in a cold garage laying on the floor with a lacrosse ball buried under my shoulder trying to loosen up the gnarled muscles before starting my workout. Everything in my body was screaming QUIT. I was saying in my head.. just do some abs work, do a couple chin ups and then jump in the infrared sauna and relax. Cut to - Round 2 of the work out and I am midway through the second half of the second rounds 800m run. The wind is howling, the rain is blowing sideways and every fiber of my body is screaming at me to just get into the house and stop.

This is the where the rubber meets the road. In this quiet moment, in this moment of complete and utter isolation, THIS is where I make my movement. This is the moment that my RESOLVE is put into question. This is where it all makes sense and this is where we as human beings pass and fail. It is easy to go where it's warm. It is easy to fall prey to the will of others. It is easy to grab the low hanging fruit. It is easy to turn our backs on a challenge. It is easy to QUIT.

So YES, I dug deep and made it back to my garage with a new mantra in my head....I'm half way there...only 2 more rounds to go.... I am over the hump... I have made it this far and every step ahead now is a step closer to the finish line. Anything to power me and my mind closer to my goal.... I pushed past that breaking point and succeeded.

I have been looking straight into those harsh realities over the last few weeks as I have embarked on my second full "The 365 Effect" and let me tell you that "Beast Within" is raging. It's constantly making me question my resolve but it hasn't gotten the best of me yet. I continue stand firm and dedicated.

I would be interested to hear from all of you. What tricks or techniques do you personally use to help "Push yourself" through those moments of weakness? Comment on the post or fire me off an email.

As always I welcome any comments or thoughts. If you are finding "The 365" interesting pass on a note, make a comment and feel free to pass on this blog on to others. Spread "The 365 Effect".
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